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2016 | Thriller | 93mins

Cast:  Delphine Chanéac, Andrew Hovelson, Mike Dwyer

Written + Directed by:  Nicholas Bushman

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A beautiful and brutal ballet of violent love and obsession, Stranger in the Dunes follows a troubled married couple who receive an unexpected visit from an old friend while vacationing at their family beach house. When a mysterious discovery shatters their world, deep-rooted personal tensions viciously resurface. Trapped in their isolated paradise, the serene seaside dunes become a harrowing stage for their primal descent into madness as they test the lengths they will go for love.

Delphine Chanéac (Splice), Andrew Hovelson and Mike Dwyer (Union Furnace) compose the love triangle that fuels this sweeping thriller from writer/director Nicholas Bushman (Sandbar, Union Furnace). Official Selection at the Raindance Film Festival, TOHorror Film Fest and Rock Horror In Rio (Winner "Best Original Feature").

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